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Hipwings – The smart assistant for motion in the office

Hipwings – The smart assistant for motion in the office

Hipwings activate your body via motor-driven seat parts and thus automatically ensure your movement during office work. You therefore no longer have to think about movement yourself. Instead, you can focus fully on your work and still use the working time for additional movement in your everyday life.

To ensure that Hipwings can support you appropriately in any work situation, they have integrated sensor technology. These detect when your needs change during work and adapt the support to your individual needs in real time.

Via the Hipwings-App, you can track your own movement behavior during work and make adjustments to the movement assistant.

For Hipwings, new add-on functions based on human-machine interaction are continuously being developed. These future features include personalized movement programs for office work, but also individual movement routines for stress reduction at work.

Special adjustment mechanisms

Hipwings offer all known adjustment options for seat height, back rest angle, seat depth, etc. In addition, Hipwings offer further adjustment options to adapt the backrest precisely to the individual back shape.

Please click on the images to see animations of the special adjustment mechanisms.

lordosis adjustment of the lower back rest

height adjustment of the upper back rest

Angle adjustment of the upper back rest

Scope of delivery

– 1x Hipwings
– 1x battery (integrated)
– 1x external battery charger
– Hipwings app (available free of charge via the app stores)

Price & Delivery

Hipwings were developed by the startup Vintus. Our team is currently planning the launch of an exclusive limited production series with various manufacturing partners. The price of Hipwings will be comparable to the price of an eBike. We will be able to provide you with a binding price and delivery date only after the production planning has been completed. We will send you an offer for this purpose. By pre-ordering you secure one of the first Hipwings from the limited edition. In addition, as a pre-orderer you will receive all future function updates for the control app permanently free of charge.

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