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Pre-order registration for private customers

Hipwings – The smart assistant for motion in the office

Hipwings – The smart assistant for motion in the office

Hipwings activate your body via motor-driven seat parts and thus automatically ensure your movement during office work. You therefore no longer have to think about movement yourself. Instead, you can focus fully on your work and still use the working time for additional movement in your everyday life.

To ensure that Hipwings can support you appropriately in any work situation, they have integrated sensor technology. These detect when your needs change during work and adapt the support to your individual needs in real time.

Via the Hipwings-App, you can track your own movement behavior during work and make adjustments to the movement assistant.

For Hipwings, new add-on functions based on human-machine interaction are continuously being developed. These future features include personalized movement programs for office work, but also individual movement routines for stress reduction at work.

Scope of delivery

– 1x Hipwings
– 1x battery (integrated)
– 1x external battery charger
– Hipwings app (available free of charge via the app stores)


Hipwings will be available in highly limited quantities. With your pre-order you secure one of the first Hipwings. We will inform you about the final price and the delivery date at the start of our series production. Your pre-order is non-binding and will not incur any costs for you until you accept our later offer in writing. As a customers of our exclusive series, you will receive all future software updates with additional features for free!
Conditions of the pre-order registration

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